1. Enjoy the little things in life

  2. Find the peace within

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  4. Trying to think/find a cool idea of what to do with my nails!


  5. DIY SATURDAYS ; how to make your own stick on nail art


    MATERIALS:scotch tape (or any kind really), scissors, and your favorite nail polishes.

    1. Pick your materials!
    2. Paint thick thines with your nail polish on to the tape, you can make them thin or thick, however you want.
    3. & 4. Cut strips or triangles, any shape you want. And then stick them on your nails :)

    I then went over my nails with a top coat to keep the tape from coming off.

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  8. So cute and funny!

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  10. I WANT TO DO THESE NAILS! <3 the vintage flowery look

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  12. "Sometimes a new beginning is better than a happy ending."

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